A complete auto responder, email marketing, email support, email followup system with automatic RSS feeds for messages.
A complete auto responder, email marketing, email support, email followup system with automatic RSS feeds for messages.
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Do you need a complete high end email marketing and email follow up system at the most affordable price... FREE !!!

Do you need an Email Marketing system that gives you the following benefits:

  • Runs from your server, so you have absolute control over it.
    It means you do not have to pay anything every month. You buy it once and use it forever.
  • Create and manage unlimited campaigns
    No restriction to the number of campaigns
  • Get detailed campaign statistics
    Find out the effectiveness of each of your campaigns
  • Configure campaign email settings such as from name, from email etc for each campaign. It means that each email that you send can be sent in the name and email of different sender.
  • Get Ready to use Html Code for subscription with javascript validation for emails.
    This script automatically generates html code for signup. You can use this code anywhere you want and get the signups in your system.
  • Send message using any or all of the two flexible options
    • Message Queue: Create a queue of messages and specify an interval for the delay in each message.
      Very useful for sending 5 day courses etc kind of emails or for follow-up marketing
    • Broadcast Message: Or you can send an instant message to ALL your users.
  • You can personalize all your emails using predefined tags.
    The recipient of your emails gets a friendly personal mail from you.
  • Specify whether your email will be sent as text or html format.
  • Send unsubscribe links in emails
  • Send Attachments with your emails.
  • Send a link to read the email on your website.
  • Import and Manage subscribers.
  • A history of all the emails sent to the user
  • No special software or hardware requirement. This script works on any site that has PHP 4 and MySQL.
    It works on both dedicated servers and shared hosting servers.

All this for FREE !!!

You thought that was impressive?

Click here to have a look at what the pro version has to offer.

Why Go Pro

  • Here are some of the extra features that are NOT there in the free version but are there in the pro version
    • Ability to schedule emails to announce events, product launches etc
    • Ability to subscribe/unsubscribe by sending emails
    • Ability to automatically flag bounced emails
    • Ability to have dHTML Hover Subscription popups
    • Ability to have unlimited redirect urls for each campaign
    • Ability to limit the number of emails that are sent at one batch. Very useful if your server puts limitations on how many emails can be sent at one go.
    • Subscribe users WITHOUT ASKING FOR EMAIL IDS
    • Ability to decide whether to use SMTP or SendMail or PHP Mail to send emails
    • Ability to have Custom Fields in your subscription signup page
    • Subscription can be single opt in or double opt in
    • Bulk Import Subscribers with custom fields
    • Bulk Export subscribers with custom fields
    • To prevent fraudulent spam complaints we track the IP address and the Date of subscription
    • Gold Feature #1: Automatically create personalized rss feeds of the messages for each user.
      • All new emails are added to the rss feed automatically.
      • The user gets the option to subscribe to this rss feed at the time of signup and also in each email using Yahoo, Feedreader and other free rss readers.
      • These emails are constantly there in the user's rss reader and the user can read it anytime.
      • Since these messages are NOT emails, these messages NEVER go in Junk or Spam folders .
    • Gold Feature #2: Track links sent in your emails: You, the admin, get a power feature to create categorized list of links to track, an easy option to use these links in the email, and then you can view detailed click stats.
      • Split test upto three links in each link group for testing the effectiveness
    • Gold Feature #3: Free installation on your server and 90 days of FREE personal support.

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Demo of EMA Pro

You can see a full featured demo of the EMA Pro script at http://www.cmsnx.com/autoresponder/ema_demo/index.php

Login id: admin@admin.com
Password: admin

The demo shows the features of EMA Pro and NOT EMA Free

The free version will not have all these features. The free version has only the features that are mentioned above.

Please note that NO email is sent out in the demo.

Conditions of Use

  • All the emails that are sent from the free version have a line at the bottom that says "Powered by Email Marketing Assistant" from Kalptaru Infotech Ltd. YOU CANNOT REMOVE THAT LINE from the free script.
    There is no such footer line in the PRO version and the pro version has a lot of extra power features that will add a lot of value to your email marketing activities.
    Click here to know more about the pro version
  • You can use this script on as many domains as you want as long as you do not modify this script in any manner.
  • You can freely distribute this script but you cannot sell this script to others.
  • You cannot modify the script in anyway to alter the way it works or the pages are displayed.


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